Mt White Ecological Restoration Project

Passionate about restoration and improving the environment

“Working in partnership with Mt White Station to create a positive impact by restoring the natural landscape”

Mt White Ecological Restoration

Mt White is a private high-country station, located in a vast high-country setting near Arthur’s Pass, where we offer a number of exclusive workshop experiences to photograph its stunning environment and landscape.

Like most of Aotearoa New Zealand, Mt White Station has experienced generations of indigenous vegetation clearance and agricultural modification. New Zealand Photography Workshops has partnered with Mt White Station – not only to host photographic retreats, workshops, and masterclasses – but also to embark on an ecological restoration project to offset carbon emissions, and benefit the unique ecosystems and species on the property, while educating and involving guests in conservation.

Creating Positive Impact

Mt White Photography Workshop

The Aim

The project’s aim is to restore the ecosystem function and provide habitats into the future – while engaging guests and immersing them in the tangible effects of their contribution to a positive impact on conservation and enhanced photographic opportunities.

Mt White Photography Workshop

The Project

The Mt White Station – New Zealand Photography Workshops conservation partnership is about more than just planting a few trees and ticking a sustainability box. An ecologist has been consulted to advise on ecosystem restoration at the site, including the appropriate species of flora to be sourced from the Cass Ecological District, identifying local At Risk/Threatened species, site preparation, habitat enhancement for fauna, waterway improvements, and weed and mammalian pest control.

Staff and guests will be involved with the project – planting, weeding and installing traps – leading to a deep connection with the conservation aims and outcomes.

Stream Ecosystem Restoration

The location of our project is an ecologically important stream that runs behind Mt White Station Lodge and feeds into Lake Lolita. Our aim to restore this stream to its former native state by clearing weeds and planting native plants of the region. This will provide habitat for both flora and fauna to enable natural restoration and provide a clean contributory to the surrounding ecosystem. The restored stream will also enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape for visitors to appreciate. 

You can read more about our commitments to Aotearoa through Conservation here.