Carbon Neutral

Our Commitment to Sustainability & Carbon offsetting

We firmly believe that Tourism, done the right way can create positive change for all involved

Here at NZPW we are dedicated to making sure we do things the right way. We hold conservation and sustainability as founding pillars of everything we do and in doing this we don’t want to just negate any negative impacts we may create with our tours and workshops but go even further and create positive change in the places we visit and across New Zealand as a whole.

For us this means that alongside our charitable donations which help protect and preserve our natural environment and its inhabitants, we are committed to being carbon neutral. We do this by planting trees with charities like Reforest Southland and the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust to negate all the carbon created by our tours and workshops, so that you know that when you journey with us you’re not only traveling lightly on the planet but actively contributing to local habitats restoration.