Mt White Lodge

Mt White Lodge

Rest up after a day of Photography in comfort in the rustic lodge, with custom built furniture, modern amenities and spectacular views. In the heart of Mt White Station, with a view of Lake Letitia and the surrounding mountains, the new Shearers’ Quarters have been designed and built with comfort in mind.

Rustic Rooms

The lodge features 7 spacious bedrooms. For our stays we set these up as 2 large King bedrooms, and 5 twin rooms.

Comfortable Lounge

Relax-process and learn in the large and inviting lounge with a dining area, wood fire and sunny terrace overlooking the arden and orchard.

Private Chef

At the Station we will have our own chef who will be using high-quality, local and seasonal ingredients to create beautiful high country meals around our photographic agenda.

Join us on our next Mt White Adventure!

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