COVID Policy and Plan


COVID Policy and Plan

We are able to run our workshops with increased measures in place to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Please read below the changes we are implementing to minimise the risk and spread of COVID-19.  

At ANY time we ask that you observe the following:  

  • We ask that anyone with flu-like symptoms or feels unwell at any time before or during the workshop to inform us immediately.  

  • We reserve the right to ask anyone we feel may be unwell and/or have flu-like symptoms that may pose a risk to other attendees health and safety to leave any of our tours or workshops, even if they have a Negative RAT test at the time.  

  • We ask that if you suspect that you have COVID to please take a RAT test before joining the tour. 

  • If your workshop requires that we travel together in our vans we recommend the use of facial masks. 

  • On entering our vans or classrooms we will ask you to please sanitise your hands. 

  • We ask that while on our workshops that you do not share food or equipment with other guests. 

  • And as always we ask that everyone washes their hands – A lot! 


COVID Cancellation Guidelines

  • Anyone that gets sick after the tour has started will not receive a refund. Your personal travel insurance should cover you in this situation, make sure you read your policy carefully to ensure that it does. 

  • If you become unwell before the tour: For the most part that may include some exceptions, normal cancellation policy applies, please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances. 

  • Please contact us if you think your booking will be affected by COVID. 

We will be following the Ministry of Health guidelines for our workshops. 

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