Our Goal at New Zealand Photography Workshops

“We firmly believe that Tourism, done the right way can create positive change for all involved”

Commitment to Carbon Neutral

Because of our dedication to the right way, our commitment is to be completely carbon neutral. To do this we have minimised our carbon footprint as much as possible and we will actively continue to find ways to reduce emissions created by our business. The remainder of the emission we produce will then be offset and through planting native trees.

Creating Positive Impact

Our Product

Our product offers a very unique opportunity, one we felt sat front and centre and perfectly aligned with the visitor experience that we offer, this is the opportunity to not only showcase New Zealand at its very best but to demonstrate to everyone who visits these beautiful places or takes photographs of our indigenous wildlife how special they are and why they need our help to protect and preserve them.

Our guides rich dialogues with our guests not only tell the stories of our land but highlight efforts being made to conserve them for future generations.

Our Partners

Wherever we find ourselves in New Zealand we have made a commitment to uncovering and connecting with business and providers who also have a commitment to sustainable tourism, so we can ensure that the tours that we create for our guests are ones which reflect the values of our company and together we are creating a positive impact for all involved.

We actively seek partners who hold enviro gold ratings or how have documented sustainability procedures in place. We have also partnered with Sustainable Travel International who are advocates of creating positive change in the global tourism industry, our membership to this organisation helps to provide education and the tools and resources needed to improve tourism in vulnerable areas plus create sustainable tourism opportunities where they are needed most.

Our People

Our expert guides are renowned for their photography experience and skills however like-minded souls drift together and we are proud to say that our team is also actively involved in conservation and sustainability efforts of their own everything from track care in our national parks to native species preservation.

We also wherever possible employ local guides this not only provides our tours with rich, in-depth knowledge of each area but supports local economies through job creation.

Our Place

We help support the local photography communities in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch by helping run and hosting events for photography Meetup groups, making photography experience accessible to locals.

In Wellington, we also work closely with Zealandia and The Wellington Botanical Gardens to offer a range of free photography workshops for 12-16 year olds.

NZ Tourism Sustainability Commitment

As a part of our commitment to our host communities, we have become a supporter of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, which aims to see every New Zealand Tourism committed to sustainability by 2025 and have our country leading the globe in sustainable tourism.

This initiative incorporates 14 commitments to sustainability which we have adopted into our business.

Tiaki Promise

We have adopted and fully support the Taiki Promise in all aspects of our business. By following the Tiaki Promise, we are making a commitment to New Zealand. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

You can see more about the Tiaki Promise we have undertaken on their website by clicking here.

Nature First – Silver Partner

Nature First is a global movement with members in over 50 countries and a growing number of local chapters. This is a movement of photographers who want to take action to reduce their ever-growing impact on our wild and natural lands. It is a movement in which each person takes responsibility for their actions.

Read more about our commitment and how you can get involved here.

You can read more about our commitments to Aotearoa through Conservation here.

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