Recommended Clothing for Photography Workshops

Be comfortable

You want to be comfortable and warm during the workshop or tour, so please carefully read and consider following when packing:


We will be outside for most of the day; please dress for the conditions; you may wish to bring the items from the following list to be comfortable and warm during the day:

  1. Comfortable walking shoes
  2. Fleece or warm outer jacket
  3. Raincoat
  4. Sun hat
  5. Warm hat and Gloves (if it is cold)
  6. Water bottle 
  7. Sunscreen

New Zealand weather is unpredictable, you can expect to experience a wide range of temperatures in a day. Plan and be prepared for all eventualities. It is advisable to carry warm clothing layers and waterproof gear. Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable in to allow you to concentrate 100% on your photography.

You should consider the following:

  1. Comfortable walking shoes/boots
  2. Raincoat
  3. Rainpants/over-trousers
  4. Fleece/down/outer jacket 
  5. Warm/layered clothing 
  6. Warm hat
  7. Gloves/finger-mitts
  8. Sunhat
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Water bottle 
  11. Headtorch
  12. Sunscreen 
  13. Insect repellent
  14. Alarm clock
  15. Personal medication 
  16. Wash bag


Additional to the clothing list above for all winter tours July – August you are required to bring the following;

  1. Warm gloves – You will need these to stay comfortable while being creative in freezing conditions. 
  2. Down Jacket – It will be very cold at sunrise & sunset, you will need a warm outer layer.
  3. Slippers – For indoors on the concrete floors at the lodge.
  4. Thermals – Polypro or merino tops and long johns.
  5. Warm socks – Thick wool socks for your boots.
  6. Gumboots – We recommend to bring neoprene gumboots to keep your feet warm and dry, here are a couple of good brands:

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