4 Day Masterclass

Our 4-day Masterclasses are more than just photography lessons; they’re an experience, an immersive learning environment led by expert photographers. 

Designed to master different genres and techniques, our masterclasses cover a complete photographic skillset. By working through each masterclass, you will be inspired to develop your knowledge, hone your skills and master the art of landscape photography.

What You Will Learn

Each masterclass includes two learning modules covering different genres/techniques within landscape photography.

Capture To Print

Complete the photographic journey from image capture to post-processing, and finally print your two favourite photographs to take away as 17×24” prints.

4-Day Masterclass Workshops

Capture to Print

NZ Winter Photography Tour

Landscape Photography Masterclass – Mt White

FromNZD $3,995
4 Day Masterclass
13th-16th September 2024
Mt White Station
Tutors: Glen Howey & Ken Wright
(2 Reviews)
Light and Composition Photography
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Light and Composition Masterclass – Maniototo

FromNZD $3,800
4 Day Masterclass
26th-29th September 2024
Central Otago
Tutors: Ken Wright and Glen Howey
(4 Reviews)
Wildlife Photography Workshop

Wildlife Photography Masterclass – Otago

FromNZD $3,995
4 Day Masterclass
19th-22nd October 2024
Otago Peninsula, Dunedin
Tutors: Edin Whitehead & Tony Whitehead
(2 Reviews)
Black and White Photography Workshop - Ken
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Black and White Photography Masterclass – Taupo

FromNZD $3,800
4 Day Masterclass
25th-28th October 2024
Tutors: Ken Wright and Gail Stent
(1 Review)
Autumn Photography Workshop NZ

Autumn Photography Masterclass – Wanaka

FromNZD $3,995
5 Day Masterclass
12th-16th April 2025
Tutors: Richard Young and Glen Howey
(4 Reviews)
Astro Photography Workshop

Astro Photography Masterclass – Mt Cook

FromNZD $3,800
4 Day Masterclass
26th-30th June 2025
Mt Cook
Tutors: Spencer Clubb and Joel Staveley
(3 Reviews)